This is where you can find links to some of my personal favourite collaborative pieces of work, including articles I chose to publish on other sites or traditional publications.

> THE UNNATURAL MOM – Posted on SheSavvy and RedTricycle. A love letter to every “mom.” Between the two sites and my personal mommy blog at the time (The Mommy Confessionals), this article was my second highest ranking piece to date with around 500 individual shares. Please read the full article here.

An Excerpt: “… I have often wondered if I am the only “mom” who feels like this whole gig was a disaster. Why would any sane adult trade all of it, for this much noise and personal invasion? But I know I am not the only one. I know there are plenty of ‘unnatural’ mothers around, fumbling their way through the day just trying to do the best they can. Because while we may feel like we are not naturals at it, we do love it. We do love these little people more than anything. So we work through our worst moments of doubt.”

> THE RING STORY – Posted on Red Tricycle. A friendly, feel good piece of mine telling my personal love story. One of my first posts as a blogger, this one was also the first to draw followers into coming back to my site. While it only garnered a couple hundred shares between my site and the post on Red Tricycle, it remains a sentimental favourite. Please read the full article here.

An Excerpt: “….When I met my husband we were barely 20-years-old. We were aspiring journalists with a desire to go out and travel the globe chasing stories, and in his case, chasing wars. Getting into the midst of action and being there to capture the moments and present it to the world. Marriage, kids, and a steady home address was not in either one of our plans. But we met. We became friends. We became working partners in a 2-person newsroom where we bumped chairs together in a tiny office and shared a phone. Yes, a landline phone. This was pre-cellphone reporting folks. We depended on each other for weekly success. We had each other’s back against those that didn’t appreciate the columns that week. We brainstormed our ideas and approaches. We shared our tips and sources. We fell into like. We fell into trust. And then we fell into love. It was supposed to end that Fall as we returned for our final year at University. It was supposed to end so we could keep our plans of setting out as journalists of the world. It was supposed to end. But then when there is real love, there is no end…”

GETTING REAL ABOUT DIETS – Posted on SheSavvy. A personal piece on eating disorders and finding a better and more positive outlook towards your body and health. Please read full article here.

An Excerpt: “…true strength and self acceptance comes after you let go of what a group leader tells you to do. It comes when you don’t need a leader because you are you’re own leader. It comes when you forget that you are running that mile because of the pizza you had last night. It comes after you decide to dump the scale into the garbage, throw out calorie charts and just say “screw it”, and eat what makes you feel good. It comes when your favourite part of the day is when you hit the circuit training part of the gym and you feel sweat dripping and your legs shaking, but the thought of what you earn to eat or what size dress you want to squeeze into, does not even enter your mind. True self acceptance comes when you know you can skip a work-out without guilt or concern, because at the end of the day, it does not matter. You are not your work-out. And if you are doing it for the love of fitness and health, you’ll get back to it another day.”

> THE 5 FRIENDS WE ALL NEED IN OUR LIVES – Posted on Red Tricycle. Another popular article with over 3,000 individual IP address views and around 200 shares between the post on this site and my personal blog at that time. A fun piece with a whole lot of truth. Please read the article here.

An Excerpt: “…Grey’s Anatomy‘s best contribution to society might have been in establishing the term – “you’re my person.” I have become an avid user of that term (thanks Shonda Rhimes). Here is my list of the 5 friends I believe all need in our lives. At different times of my life, each one of these have been “my person”… but throughout my life, no matter what stage I was in, all of these friend types have been priceless and the key to the fondest story plot lines of my life.”

> LIVING WITH FIBROMYALGIA – Posted on Parent.Com. A personal piece on the process of being diagnosed with the chronic illness Fibromyalgia, what it is, and how to find ways to continue moving forward best you can. Please read the story here.

An Excerpt: “… My life is changing. Who I am and will be is changing and these same things may very well be happening to those you know with this disease. They can’t help it. They can’t stop it. They can’t cure it. They can’t just get over it. There is no known cause of FM, but it is believed for about one-third of persons the onset may be attributed to a triggering event, such as a severe illness, a traumatic incident, or a stressful, emotional experience. So what we can do if we have FM?…”

> THE MID-30s SELF RESOLUTION – Posted on SheSavvy. A personal piece on what happens when you realize, shit, I’m not anywhere near what I thought I’d be at this age! What the heck happened to me? What do I do to change this disaster? Please read the full article here.

An Excerpt: “… I told myself when I was 12, that no matter how screwed up my life would get… at 35, my life would unfold the way it was meant to be. It’s a strange thing. I don’t know why I chose that number. But it stuck with me. And all the way through the ups and downs, and through the crazy mid-20s phase where kids and marriage and mortgages and loans and failing home appliances and lack of sleep and loss of friends and loss of jobs and changing careers….ugh… the crazy mid-20s phases, I held onto my 35. And then it happened. 35 was here. And my life was  a mess. There was no magic wow moment. I felt lost. Like I was that lonely mitten in a pile on the lost and found table at the school at the end of the year. What was I doing here? This is my 35? Shit. This. Is. Not. Acceptable. I was not ready to give up on my 35.”

THAT MOM – Posted on SheSavy. A honest parenting piece about when the day is not going as well as you would like, and we all know as moms, there are many of these days. But in the end, it’s all how we breathe with it. Please read the article here.

An Excerpt:This has been one of those weeks where every night after laying my last kid to bed I have to wonder just how well I handled my shit over the last 24 hours, if at all. I am THAT mom right now. The one that feels completely overwhelmed by the moment and this place in time. My laundry baskets are too full, my dishwasher is never empty and my hair is unwashed. (And when my hair is unwashed for days, that’s a bad sign of my mental state). I am THAT mom right now….”

GETTING NAKED – AFTER THE BABIES – Posted on SheSavvy. My take on doing a Boudoir Photo Shoot for my husband’s birthday. Why I did it. Why I hadn’t done it in the previous 12 years. And how it all went down. Read the full article here.

An Excerpt: “Statements like keep the lights low, or just turn around till after I’m under the covers or I’m really not ready for THAT tonight are not that uncommon for most marriages. We don’t often talk about these moment –  but get a few glasses of wine in us at ladies’ night and the truth comes out! Most of us have been here. Most of us have had these thoughts and battles of self-image and confidence, even when we are with our partners who we all know love us. And I’m one of you. But this year I’ve decided to create a bucket list of things I’d like to do. All of them would be things that scare the shit out of me.

  • Start writing again. Check. Shit scared right out of me as I pressed that publish button the first time, but hey, it turned out great! I’m having a blast.
  • Speak your mind, make an enemy if you must, but stand up for your thoughts. Check. Did that. Indeed I made a few enemies. Glad as shit I did it anyway. So much better to know and speak the truth than just worry about it in your mind.
  • Get naked for a stranger while they take some photos…. ugh… wait…breathe…breathe… whiskey please?!

So the bucket list became the naked list.

> WHEN FRIENDING IS TRENDING – Posted on Red Tricycle. A look at the bizarre world of online friending and how blurry the lines between real and online can become. Please read the full article here.

An Excerpt: “…Search “friendship” and Google explodes with images and quotes on the topic. And for good reason, it is a biggie. Friendship. We all need it. But has it become just another commodity? In a world where so much of our lives are online, has ‘friending’ become just another trend. A simple action committed by the click of a tab. Sure, it’s still a two-way process. One has to be “accepted” into the circle of trust, but when that circle is 500 people deep with faces that one may or may not have met more than once – is that “friend”ship that’s being traded actually real? What is this virtual-reality friendship worth?…”