Life With Fibromyalgia

This blog aims to share what life with fibromyalgia is like and how to stay positive and healthy.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness. It has no cure.  But it does not end your life.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2017 and since then have been working on educating myself as well as others about this disorder. I have come to realize the immense impact chronic illness can have on one’s life and how important positive life affirmation is in staying above the darkness.

On Yvette’s Slice Of Life,  will share articles on my personal experience with chronic illness and I will hope to raise awareness, understanding and compassion for those affected.

I do not allow this illness to run my life. I do not plan on every letting it control my every thought and therefore this element will only make up a part of Yvette’s Slice Of Life – not take over completely. This blog is not a Fibro blog. It is a life blog aimed at sharing ways to keep a balanced, holistic and positive life – no matter what challenges you have to face.

Join me, and share the articles when you can as a way to help raise awareness and education with me. And if you have questions or comments or just want to reach out to connect with me, please do so! I am always open to talk to others about their experiences.