Slowing Down And Getting Close-up – Healthy Habits in Love

This whole month has been about slowing down and connecting with our loved ones and today is one that should get your own heart fluttering.¬†Today the challenge is “Hold Still.”

What does that mean? Well it means we are taking time today to just hold our loved ones. Holding Still is about getting up close, wrapping yourself together in an embrace and locking away any distractions.

It is not just a hug, it is a moment of shutting out everything else. And it is my personal favourite move to share! So I hope you all enjoy it too.

How to do this with a partner: Get in heart-to-heart with each other if you have a partner. Lock eyes, or bring your face close enough for your cheeks to meet. And just be still for 30 seconds. Forget about the crazy around you. Forget about any tensions if there are any. Forget about the dishes. And just be still. Concentrate on his/her touch. Concentrate on their heat. Concentrate on their heartbeat or breathing.

How to do this with your kids: Have you ever taken a quiet moment to just listen to your baby sleep? I bet you have! Who hasn’t spent some extra cuddle time with an infant after rocking them to sleep, or having them lay on your chest at rest. It’s amazing right!

So why stop? Why not take a moment to listen to each other’s hearts?

Let your child place his/her ear to your chest, and see if they can imitate the rhythm of your heartbeat. Take a moment to do the same with them.

Most kids will think this is a fun game, like playing doctor. But as a parent your own heart will melt when you take that time to listen to the magic that beats within your child.

Older kids can get really into this, listening to sibling’s heartbeats and asking questions about the heart and how it functions.

If that happens, take that opportunity and do some googling or reading about the topic together.

How about your pets? Who has a faster heart beat, them or you? Why would that be?

Explore as much as the kids are wanting to do so.

Share the love! Feel the love! Be Love! Let others know about this challenge and help the movement of affectionate relationships continue to grow.

Find out the why and how of this challenge here.

Ideas on how to create loving relationships.
Ideas on how to create loving relationships.


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