How To Write A Love Letter – Creating Healthy Habits in Love

Who pops up first in your mind when you hear the word “love”? Whomever that is, today is about that person because today we will focus on how to write a love letter.

I know most people don’t often write letters anymore, but why not?  While  it is easy to say the words, “I love you,” it is also easy for those words to become just routine – especially in the tone. That’s why today’s challenge is about grabbing a pen and paper and writing a letter, or a short note, that you can give to someone you love.

The idea with the letter is that it helps you focus on all the good things you really want to say to that person about what they mean to your life.

Think about the following 4 tips as you write this letter:

  1. Pick one thing to say about how the person makes you feel
  2. Pick one thing to say about a memory you have of that person doing something amazing and fun
  3. Pick one thing to say about why you are happy to know and be around that person
  4. Compliment him or her on something you know is truly important to them (a passion, or a job, or an attribute you know they work hard at for instance)

While many of us might pick a partner or spouse to write these love letters to, you don’t have to be limited to those persons. A letter stating your appreciation and affection for someone is just as valuable to a friend, a child, a parent or a grandparent.

While we no longer write letters often… most people still love to receive them. And if you want to write an e-mail, that’s fine! In this case, it is the message is that is important, not the medium.

Additionally, if you have children old enough to write a letter, this is a great day to help them write a card or note to a grandparent. Mail it tomorrow and the grandparent will get it by Valentines Day. What a great surprise for them would that be?

So happy writing! I hope as you sit down to complete this task, you will feel the warm fuzzies and be filled with wonderful thoughts.

Tonight, remember to give your family members all some long hugs and tell them you love them.

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Tips for how and why you should write a love letter today to those most important in your lives.

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