Love is Simple, Love is Kind – Healthy Habits in Love

This week we are starting the challenge in a very simple, but powerful way.

Subtle Touches.

Finding ways to create simple ways to create healthy habits in love for our lives

Simply touching each other, whether it be your children, your partner or your friends is an instantaneous way to form a connection.

You can do this with hugs, you can do it by stroking or playing with your child’s hair, and you can do it by placing your hand on the small back of your spouse or on their arms as you stand next to them.

How about when you go for a drive today,  when is the last time you placed your hands on the inner thighs of your partner as he or she drives. Isn’t that such a simple, yet sweet thing to do. I know it still gives me butterflies whenever my husband does that.

How about sneaking into the kitchen for a short embrace while the cooking happens or for leaning in to touch a cheek and steal a kiss while handing your partner their coffee? Or for that matter, when you hand your child a water cup?

How about holding your child’s hand in yours and doing a pretend palm reading, or drawing them close to you and having a tickling war?

How about a back rub – or back scratch for that matter? My kids love those! Most wives loves those too.

How about letting your kids do your hair or your make-up? These are amazing opportunities to laugh, but also to connect in a very close-up and physical way.

As kids get older, touch becomes a lot more subtle. A teenager doesn’t often run towards his mother for cuddles, but it doesn’t mean the need for touch disappears completely. We still need to foster a sense of physical connectivity with our children. Even if they squirm a bit. Be that a simple hug or a tussle of the hair.

We have so many chances every day to touch and connect, but too often we choose to hold onto a phone or coffee cup instead. Put those down today and reach out for the people in your lives instead.

Share the love by telling your friends about this challenge and some of the ways you are working on habits within your circle. Let’s get an entire movement of simple and kind love started.

If you are just now catching on to this challenge, read more about the mission behind it and some of the previous simple challenges here.

Here is a recap in images on the last 4 days.

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristi says:

    We do have so many chances every day to express love in simple ways. We just need to open our eyes to them. Thank you for this reminder!

  2. eightgreatkids says:

    My kids all fight over who gets to sit next to me (which I admit that I love–it’s not the hitting, kicking kind of fighting) because I always scratch their backs. Touch is very powerful! Great article!

    1. That is so wonderful! My boys love back scratches too ; )

  3. Keri says:

    A gentle touch is a powerful way to connect. It is sometimes better than using words!

    1. I think so to Keri! We all connect and communicate in such different ways, so finding what love language responds to your family or partner is the important part. But a silent touch is certainly one that just gets me every time right in the heart.

  4. Nicki says:

    This a great post. I’m currently single but looking forward to the day I’m married with a family of my own to show them love. In the mean time I’m learning to show those around me the same love.

  5. bellegabriella1 says:

    I love all of these tips! Thanks for sharing them. All of these are such simple gestures that we could easily implement into our lives that would make a big difference. The simple touch is a good thing to remember. Holding hands, letting your kids play with your hair. Like you said, even when they get older they still need touched maybe even if its just a hug or allowing them to lean on you. I really like the title too!

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