Third Day Challenges in Creating Healthy Habits in Love

I hope you’ve all been having fun getting into the swing of things with the 28 Days of Affection Challenge!

Day 3, and today’s challenge is one that aims to connect various generations.

Every wonder how much you really know about your parents? About your grandparents? How often do we still practice the art of story telling?

There is something incredibly personal about deciding to share our life history with someone else, and while families do okay at this at Thanksgiving or Christmas type holidays we don’t do it often enough in our every day.

So today’s Challenge is Story Time!

Sharing stories in your family is a great way to connect. Tips on building strong relationships.

Simple enough?

The Challenge calls for 20 minutes of Story Time, but if a great conversation sets flight, please don’t stop because you reach that time limit. Explore your life together.

If you have a very young child, take the time to snuggle up with them or share a snack while you’re talking. Even an infant loves to hear their parent speak to them, so just because you have a child under the age of 1, doesn’t mean you can’t participate!

Toddlers might not be able to sit for 20 minutes to follow a concept that long, but they can grasp a 5-minute statement and offer up some questions. For example, you can try talking about your favourite toy,  TV show, or drawing colour or game.

Offer a topic about little things that they can relate too.

If you have kids a little bit older, the opportunities to talk about hobbies and events from when you were young becomes a gateway for so many great activities down the line.

Did you travel? Did you have great successes or challenges? Was there something really funny that you and your best buddies got into?

Let them guide your conversation, but make sure it’s two-way attempt to connect and do your best to keep the conversation going if at first they don’t seem keen. Snack time, dinner time or pre-bed for any age child is a great time to attempt this challenge.

Drag out photo albums if they ask for it, or if they get talking about a sport or game or hobby, be prepared to teach it to them at some point.

Movies and TV shows are great tools for conversation starters! Ghost Busters anyone? How about E.T or She-Ra and Thundercats?  Many of these shows are still accessible online (P.S. Most of these are on Netflix right now!)

As a footnote to the challenge, if you find that speaking about your own stories opens questions you have for your own parents – reach out, pick up a phone and ask them about it.  Don’t miss out on the chance to learn more about each other.

And as with previous days, remember that this challenge aims in strengthening existing habits, as well as creating new ones. So this means making time to repeat Challenges from previous days. So please find some time to fit in a few long hugs or moments of touch (5 seconds or longer) and don’t neglect sneaking in those romantic, sexy kisses with your partner.

Check in tomorrow for the next set of challenges. Happy connecting.

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