Making Effort – Simple Healthy Habits in Love

Today’s focus is on Making an Effort. I saw this great quote the other day on love and how it’s not about being perfect all the time, but it’s about making an effort to always be better and strive towards making things better for the ones you love.

I think that’s so true. We all mess up. Whether it be as parents or as partners. We all make mistakes. We all lose our cool. We all take out our frustrations on the ones we love even if we’re angry at a situation that has nothing to do with them.

Yet, love is hopefully stronger than all those mistakes we make.

Love can persevere all of that if we cultivate it – and that means making an effort.

So today’s Challenge is about finding ways to show the ones you love that you are thinking of them, you know them, and you want to make them happy.

There are so many ways you can do this. Here is some simple suggestions:

  1. How about baking someone’s favourite treats or making their favourite dinner tonight?
  2. How about a movie-at-home date? With your kids or with a partner, this is a fun way to cozy up on the couch, indulge in some snacks and just laugh together. 
  3. How about coming home with your partners’s favourite cup of coffee or tea from a local shop?
  4. How about helping your kids build something they’ve been struggling with? Maybe a puzzle or Lego kit that you’ve been putting off – make time for that today. Other really fun things can be creating a science project together through play.
  5. How about pulling up seat next to your child and letting him or her tell you about what kind of music they are listening to these days and why the like the bands they do?  You could also surprise your partner by playing his/her favourite song at an unexpected time… ever done that? Hook up the iPod and turn on your wedding dance song just to show them you’re thinking about that day? Or maybe you want to make a fun moment of it and turn up the Ghost Busters theme or some other song you know means something personal.

Well… today is the day! Put some thought into what you think will show your loved ones you think they are special, and then go make it happen!

If you are stumbling upon this article mid-challenge, please feel free to join! Any day is a good day to join in sharing some love and affection.

You can also see the rest of the challenge days at right here.

Creating healthy habits in love for everyone in your lives is so valuable, join in the month-long challenge on increasing positive signs of affection. Today  we will focus on how to create a big moment with just a small but affective effort.
A month long challenge on creating positive - yet simple and free - ways of affection in your relationship. The Healthy habits in love challenge is hosted at

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  1. Those are excellent ideas. I am going to remember these and make an effort to do them with my husband and kiddos this week. Thank you for this!

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