Yvette’s Slice Of Life is a personal blog created by freelance writer, Yvette Putter.

A Slice Of Life is about encouraging healthy lives via our love of food,  positive body-mind wellness, realistic and no-fuss fitness and mindfulness.

A Slice of Life will share personal recipes, fitness tips and tools and ideas on remaining balanced at home and work as a parent without losing your way amidst the crazy demands we self-impose. A Slice of Life hopes to create a sense of community between the writer and the reader – we are not al that different after all.

So who is Yvette Putter?

1.  She is a feminist. An optimist. Someone who believes in the magic of our universe, call it spirituality or hope or wishing for something greater than us, but She believes in it and the connectivity we all share because of it.

2. Trained as a journalist she’s worked for a daily newspaper, freelanced for some magazines, ran her own (teeny tiny) media relations ‘shop’ and worked as a communications specialist doing public relations, media planning, engagement planning, brochures and event planning.

3. She is a wife and a mom and a sister and a daughter and some also refer to her as friend.

4. She is a total klutz. A disaster in every sense of the word — most days.

5. She loves wine and whiskey – and that’s pretty much it for alcohol. But on occasion will order a colourful drink with an umbrella or fruit slice to fit in with the social pressures of ladies’ night in a group she doesn’t know too well. Social pressure is a bitch.

6. She has a chronic illness called Fribromyalgia. A long word for a diagnosis that tends to mean she has all-over body pains, low energy, a foggy brain at times, anxiety tendencies, severe muscle pains and so much more. Want to know more about it? Please read about it here.

7. She runs a Facebook support group for people who like to stay active through the sport of swimming. As a certified athletic swim coach, she posts weekly programs and tips for swimmers of any level and provide motivation to just keep at it – or how to just start in this group. Check it out if you like the sounds of it here.

8.  Her top 3 passions would be:

  • Outdoor Adventuring (aka – hiking/snowshoeing/exploring the great beyond)
  • Reading (aka – the best way to become anyone, go anywhere, learn anything and chase dreams or stumble in and out of nightmares and various identities)
  • Food (aka – the thing we know makes our own little private worlds a better place)

9. She is addicted to Christmas. All things Christmas. She can have a Christmas tree all year long. It’s bad. But luckily this affliction is well-kept under wraps by her husband until the last week of November every year. After that. It’s game on.

10. She is a storyteller. A listener.

Think you like to hang out a bit more with this lady? Well come join me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I also have an online community (group) for readers of this page connected to the Slice of Life Facebook page where we can get to know each other a bit better if you’d like. I know I would!


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